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SWAYZE is a new studio in Amsterdam aiming to establish a ceramic space for creatives.

Deliverables: Visual Identity - Photography - Web Design - Motion Design

Deliverables: Visual Identity - Photography - Web Design - Motion Design

I was responsible for designing and developing the visual identity and web design. Along with that, I also designed motion graphics for the studio launch campaign, events, and workshops. To make SWAYZE's branding more attractive, I took inspiration from the famous pottery scene in the movie 'Ghost'. The visual identity breaks away from the traditional ceramic studio norms and instead, it presents a more cinematic and magical vibe.
Drawing inspiration from the iconic pottery scene in the classic film Ghost, featuring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, SWAYZE pays homage to the power of cinema with its unique and captivating branding.

In a bold departure from the expected norms of a ceramic studio, SWAYZE's branding draws inspiration from the magic of cinema. From movie title-inspired layouts to subtitle copy, every aspect of the visual identity is designed to depart from the usual clean, minimalist aesthetic of typical ceramic studios. In this way, the brand avoids the traps of a "Scandinavian design conspiracy," and goes for an identity that is both playful and provoking.

With the use of animation, SWAYZE was able to easily distinguish between its many events and workshops, all while staying true to its existing visual system.